“Capacity Building for Development of Youth Movement to International Waters, Landscape and Biodiversity Protection”, Belarus

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Capacity Building for Development of Youth Movement to International Waters, Landscape and Biodiversity Protection”, Belarus


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Total: $35,532;

Sources of Financing: GEF SGP


2006 - 2008


Satisfactorily completed

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The project aims:

  1. To attract attention of society to problems in international waters, landscape and biodiversity protection
  2. To improve the ecological situation in flood-lands of Belarusian Poozyorye’ river “Ula” through identification of local sources of pollution, involvement of local communities and pupils in cleaning illegal waste tips in the basin of “Ula” river.
  3. To organize together with local schools two project sites to monitor by a specially created study groups of pupils and teachers the overpatching of some rare species of flora and fauna
  4. To shoot and broadcast on National TV a film about ecological problems in the basin of “Ula” river.
  5. To prepare and submit to environmental authorities at rayon and oblast level proposals how to improve the ecological situation and to monitor the implementation of these proposals as well as to help to implement them.
  6. To disseminate the gathered ecological information among all stakeholders.

Expected Outcomes

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