A Climate of Conflict: The Links Between Climate Change, Peace and War

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A Climate of Conflict: The Links Between Climate Change, Peace and War

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International Alert Publication


Dan Smith, Janani Vivekananda

Publication Date

November 2007



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Climate change is upon us and its physical effects have started to unfold. That is the broad scientific consensus expressed in the Fourth Assessment Review of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This report takes this finding as its starting point and looks at the social and human consequences that are likely to ensue – particularly the risks of conflict and instability. We’ve identified 46 countries at risk of violent conflict and a further 56 facing a high risk of instability as a result of climate change.

The impact of climate change will make the poorest communities across the world poorer. Many of them are already affected by conflict and instability and thus face a dual risk. International Alert’s new research finds that the consequences of climate change will fuel violent conflict, which itself hinders the ability of governments and local communities to adapt to the pressures of climate change.



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