A comprehensive study on glacial melting in Central Asia

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A comprehensive study on glacial melting in Central Asia

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The project goals are to:

  1. Synthesise the information presently available on glacial melting in Central Asia;
  2. Model the impacts of a range of climate change scenarios on glacial melting on water supply in the major river basins in Central Asia for the period 2009-2100 using the best available information (this activity will bolt onto the modelling that is being undertaken in other water projects in Central Asia);
  3. Identify the gaps in knowledge, data, observation capacity and finances; facilitate the actions required for filling these gaps, and determine the budgetary needs;
  4. Provide a range of cost-effective recommendations to improve data availability and glacier observation capacity in the region;
  5. Raise awareness of the project results with the general public, especially decision-makers in the key water user sectors which will be affected by hydrological changes associated with the glacier retreat.

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