Access to Potable Water Services with Active Partipation of the Poor especially Women


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Access to Potable Water Services with Active Partipation of the Poor especially Women


Water Supply and Sanitation

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Total: $3,710,323;

Sources of Financing: Government of Spain Type of Financing: Bilateral


2008 - 2010 (36 months)



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The project attempts to address the barriers that make potable water in a number of municipalities in the country inaccessible to the poor. To address these, investments from the private sector shall be mobilized and incentives to local government unites (LGUs) shall be establshed to put water systems in targeted waterless communities. Grassroots women shall take an active role in the design and management of the water systems.

This proposal contributes to the improvement of efficiency, access, affordability and quality of potable water services provided by utilities. It supports community-based initiatives to enhance and establish the sustainable delivery of water in depressed communities in five (5) regions; 36 waterless municipalities with 122,000 households (HHs). Government investments in infrastructure will be complemented by policy/regulatory reforms and capacity building to stimulate investment flows, promote participation, empower duty bearers/claimholders and address socio-economic needs. Grassroots organizations, local government units (LGUs) and other local institutions will be mobilized to ensure access of water to HHs and community facilities and institutions. Cost-recovery measures will be integrated to ensure sustainability. Financing schemes will also be tested. Capacities of local duty bearers and claimholders, esp. women, will be capacitated to sustain the delivery of services.

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