Adaptation to Climate Change to Sustain Jordan's MDG Achievements


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Adaptation to Climate Change to Sustain Jordan's MDG Achievements


Water Supply and Sanitation

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Total: $1,000,000;

Sources of Financing: MDG Fund, SIWI and UNDP Jordan


2008 - 2010



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This Joint Programme (JP) is submitted by four UN organizations working in Jordan including UNDP, WHO-CEHA, FAO, and UNESCO. It is submitted to the UNDP/Spain MDG Achievement Fund under the MDG-F Environment and Climate Change thematic window. The key national partners in this programme include the Ministry of Environment (MOEnv), Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), and Ministry of Education (MOE). Other institutions, societies, and NGO’s will be involved in the programme activities also. Jordan made strategic advances towards the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) including reduction of poverty rates from 21% in 1997 to 14% in 2005 (MDG 1), achieving adult literacy rate of 97% (MDG 2), infant mortality rate of 24 per 1000 (MDG 4), 97% access to water, and 65% access to sanitation (MDG 7). However these achievements are compromised by crippling water scarcity and aggravated by climate change, thus bringing about additional threats to health, food security, productivity, and human security.

This programme will help Jordan address the above key strategic issues through achieving:

1) Sustained access to improved water supply sources despite increased water scarcity induced by climate change.
2) Strengthened adaptive capacity for health protection and food security to climate change under water scarcity conditions.

These outcomes address identified barriers to adaptation and provide support to Jordan’s national strategies and action plans for sustainable management of its natural resources; reducing poverty; and enhancing health indicators. Barriers to adaptation include:

a) climate change risks not sufficiently taken into account within sectoral policies and investment frameworks;
b) existing climate information, knowledge and tools are not directly relevant for supporting adaptation decisions and actions; and
c) weak national capacity to develop sectoral adaptation responses.

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