Adapting the fishing village area as pilot centre for endangered fish stock, Macedonia


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Adapting the fishing village area as pilot centre for endangered fish stock, Macedonia


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Total: $11.033;

Sources of Financing: GEF SGP


2006 - 2007



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According to the Strategic action plan for the Sustainable Development of the Prespa park, in the international transboundary waters of Macro and Micro Prespa lake a total of 23 fish species have been recorded, out of which 5 are endemic to Prespa and 12 are endemic to the Balkans. None of these species are protected with national or international acts. There are no specific action plans for protection and management of fish populations and thier habitat, and the old traditional concept of wise fishing is not practiced. The punishments for illegal fishing are minimal and consequently non-applied, there is no monitoring of the way fishing is carried on and restrictions on fishing are negligible. A a result, since 1960, the fish production has been steadily decreasing.

The overall project objective is to increase the fish population in Lake Prespa by reintroducing the traditional way of fish breeding and promoting within the local fishermen community the conservation and sustainable use of fishery. The project activities includes:

  1. Raising public awareness of the local fishermen on the importance and significance of sustainable fishing,
  2. Re-introducing old traditional ways of fishing,
  3. Building partnerships between appointed local governmental institutions, local fishermen, NGOs and concessionaire of the lake,
  4. Establishing monitoring group responsible to follow and monitor the fishing,
  5. Training the monitoring group and
  6. Preparation of the monitoring report that would be submitted to responsible governmental institutions.

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