Amu Darya Assessment of Environment and Security Linkages and Impact


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Amu Darya Assessment of Environment and Security Linkages and Impact


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The project's activities include: (i) assessment of environment and security issues and linkages in the upper Amu Darya basin through a desk assessment and field missions; (ii) conducting an analysis of conflicts, tensions and environmental implications of security issues and policies in the Amu Darya basin, in particular those that do or may take place over the issues of the water storage and management in the basin such as the projected demand by upstream states through increased water regulation for energy and aluminum production and agricultural consumption; (iii) training of local authorities, researchers and NGOs from the Amu Darya basin countries in assessing the environment and security risks i.e. related to water management and pollution, and in exchanging relevant information; (iv) complementing existing national and regional information by field work by teams of international and local experts to assess specific risks related to environment, water quality and pollution sampling (including support to joint sampling at exit/entry points on the state borders); if appropriate, helping to set up a longer- term system for monitoring environment and security threats and developments in the basin on a continuous basis; (v) building awareness of the priority issues/ hot spots among the general public and policy-makers.

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