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Some features added since 1.4.7

Some extra features (extracted from history file of mediawiki 1.9.x) that I think are useful to know. The file is 3000 plus lines so it's highly probable that lots of other useful things are also missing.

  1. Allow filtering of Special:Newpages according to username
  2. Report missing email on 'email password' instead of false success
  3. Validate email address before sending email confirmation message
  4. An image link for a missing file will now take you straight to the upload page.
  5. It's now possible to specify the final filename of an upload distinct from the original filename on your disk.
  6. Database Schema: The core table schema has changed significantly. This should make better use of the database's cache and disk I/O, and make significantly speed up rename and delete operations on pages with very long edit histories.


Use of <Upload> tag

Currently <upload> tag is used to display files/images, for this an extension 'uploadlinks.php' is used. This is much limited because if new files like xl, or any new files are to be uploaded, then the corresponding fileicon should get displayed, which seems to be hard-coded in the extension file itself.

This issue is solved in newer version by the use of templates. The admin may create different template for different files and use different template for different file types, which is much easy to manage.

for eg: {{pdf|pdf file name|name to be displayed}}

I wouldn't recommend continuing 'uploadslinks.php' in new version. This may cause some problems where <upload>file</Upload> is used. This has to be replaced with appropriate template in the new version if we decided to stop using <pload>


There are lots of mediawiki extensions, which are very unlikely to work in old version. Lots of base code has been changed or improved, I must say. We will have lots of extensions to choose if we happen to need.


Current waterwiki has to use almost obsolute templates to implement footnotes, making the footnoting procecure a little complex. Use of extension would have eased this problem a lot, but current version base-code doesn't support the extension. This extension would have to be revised from scratch to make it work - not desired.


This extension was developed to implement <project>, <report> tags. These may need to be revisited to understand their internal working and see if new version has any other way to implement similar functionalities.

To Keep in Mind

Changes have been made to the MediaWiki code currently used in WaterWiki. Please see Technical Details for a list of the changes.

Whenever an upgrade is made to a higher version of MediaWiki, it is important to take these changes and modifications into consideration, else it shall lead to serious error!!


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