Annual Water-CoP Meeting 2007- Almaty 25-26Nov07


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On this page you can find the proceedings and materials of the Third Annual meeting of the UNDP Water-Community of Practice. This Water-CoP-Meeting was organized the first time outside the framework of the UNDP/RBEC E&E-CoP meeting and outside Bratislava: in Sanatorium Alatau on the outskirts of Almaty, Kazakhstan.



Agenda & Objectives

 CoP-Agenda 25-26Oct07 Almaty-final.doc

  • Provide an update on UNDP’s recent trends and developments in the water sector globally and in the region;
  • Discussion on-going and planned projects and activities, specifically in the area of National IWRM Planning in Central Asia and other regions, as well as ENVSEC activities in Central Asia, , and others;
  • Facilitate exchange of experiences amongst practitioners and experts;
  • Discuss opportunities for future cooperation between UNDP-projects with other partner organizations and initiatives;
  • Explore new tools and networks for knowledge exchange and networking (refurbished WaterWiki, others).

Speakers and resource persons

Hanspeter Maag, Country Director SDC Kyrgyzstan • Olivier Normand, SDC International Water Secretariat, Tashkent • Zafar Samadov, SDC Central Asia Coordination Office, Dushanbe • Pierre Hecq, European Commission / DG Environment • Anna Branwell, European Commission Delegation to Central Asia/Kazakhstan (tbc) • Michael Boid (USAID – Kazakhstan/regional mission) • Bo Libert, UNECE • Francesca Bernardini, UNECE • Christophe Bosch, Water Sector Coordinator for CAR, World Bank Kazakhstan office (tbc) • Kees Lendertse, Cap-Net • Barbara Britton, UNDP-project “National IWRM Plan for Uzbekistan” • Colin Steley, UNDP-project “National IWRM and Transboundary Cooperation in Central Asia” • Alexander Nikolayenko, Kazakhstan IWRM project manager • Hakan Tropp, SIWI/UNDP Water Governance Facility, Stockholm • Malkhaz Adeishvili, UNDP-GEF Regional project in Kura-Aras river basin • Anvar Nasritdinov, UNDP Uzbekistan • Ulugbek Islaimov, UNDP Uzbekistan • Zharas Takenov, UNDP Kyrgyzstan • Aidai Ashiralieva, UNDP Kyrgyzstan • Sukhrob Khoshmukhamedov, UNDP Tajikistan • Rovshen Nurmuhamedov, UNDP Turkmenistan • Natalya Panchenko, UNDP Kazakhstan

Materials and Proceedings of the Sessions

DAY 1, Thu 25 Oct 07

15:00h – 18:30h
Welcome & Opening Remarks (10 min)

Introducing the new UNDP Water Governance Strategy
Support to National Strategies to link IWRM with Equitable Access to Water Supply & Sanitation (30 min)
  • Juerg Staudenmann

 UNDP Water Governance Strategy Water-CoP Almaty 25Oct07.ppt  SEA application in the IWRM projects.doc

ENVSEC Transboundary water experience
Highlights from the Amu Darya Assessment Report (15 min)

 ENVSEC Amu-Darya cooperation-ru.ppt

SDC’s water governance portfolio in Central Asia (35 min)
Issues in Integrated Water Resources Management in Central Asia (based on the SDC IWRM Ferghana Valley project review and the recent WB sponsored Central Asia and Caucasus exchange on sustainable WUA development)

 Maag Almaty 2 IWRM.doc

Parasite testing as an impact indicator in rural water supply projects

The EU Water Initiative (20 min)
The EUWI-ECCA - and overview

 Hecq EUWI CoP-Meeting-Almaty Oct07.ppt

National Policy Dialogues (NPD’s) – experiences from Moldova and Armenia

 Libert EUWI-NPD CoP Almaty 17October2007.ppt

Diner & Beer-Festival

DAY 2, Fri 26 Oct 07

The Kazakhstan IWRM Project (1 hr)
Key note speech
And overview about the main steps and lessons learned
A panel discussion on the lessons and future of National IWRM and Water Efficiency Planning in Kazakhstan (1 hr)

Lead questions for discussion

    • Lessons Learned: What are the 5-10 most important factors that lead towards results? What were (still are?) the major barriers encountered?
    • What come next in Kazakhstan? Steps needed to go from Plan to Implementation in the different river basins
    • Is the Kazakhstan experience unique or can it be replicated? How – and what should be done different next time?
    • What are the partner’s niche / role (and UNDP’s in particular)?
    • How to bring the national efforts into a regional context?


The UNECE Protocol on Water and Health (20 min)

 Bernardini Protocol Water and Health COP 2007 almaty.ppt

Plenary Discussion and Brainstorming (60 min.)

Lead questions

    • Gap-Analysis: Burning and uncovered issues in the region?
    • How to achieve access to water & sanitation?
    • Concrete opportunities for new (national and transboundary) water initiatives?
    • UNDP’s niche / role vis-à-vis other players (intl. and local organizations, governmental agencies, others ?)

 Almaty CoP 2007 - Minutes of the brainstorming session.doc


Cap-Net - Capacity Building and Networking for National IWRM Planning, integrating Water Supply and Sanitation (60 min.)
Overview about Cap-Net's work

 Cap-Net general introduction.ppt  Intro planning cycle and discussion.ppt


The USAID South Caucasus Water Program (15 min.)

"Coffee table"-Discussions - The way ahead in Central Asia & South Caucasus (1hr 15 min)

Lead questions

    • Implementing the concrete experience from past projects
    • How to support Access to WSS through IWRM
    • Similarities & differences of the different projects & contexts
    • Integration of new projects with EUWI (NPD’s) and other frameworks / financing opportunities
    • Define/review concrete objectives (gaps and needs analysis)
    • Linking national IWRM projects for dialogue at regional level
    • Work planning
1. Developing a National IWRM Plan and Fostering Transboundary Dialogue in Central Asia - the new UNDP projects in (Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan/Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan


2. South Caucasus - National IWRM Planning in the framework of transboundary projects / Roundtable on Capacity Building and Networking for IWRM Planning

 Adeishvili From Informal to Formal.ppt  Adeishvili From Informal to Formal RUS.ppt  Zurab Almaty Working Group -1.ppt  Zurab Kura Transbondary Monitoring SCWP.doc

Wrap-up (10 min)

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