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Name AquaFed
Logo Image:Aquafedlogo.gif
Geographic Scope Global
Subject Focus Expertise Water supply and sanitation services
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Private water operators have been instrumental in helping to shape and raise awareness of water issues around the world. Partnerships with the private sector are one of the motors for progress and development in water and sanitation. Until now, private water operators as a body have not been represented at the international level. Public institutions, governments and other interested international parties have lacked a way to communicate with the sector as a whole, being limited to ad hoc contacts with individual companies or to third party information.

The creation of AquaFed answers a real demand from international organisations. It also provides private water operators around the world with an organisation that represents them. Through AquaFed, private service operators will be able to collaborate jointly with other stakeholders in order to find practical solutions to water issues facing the world: better service provision, economic development, improved health and living conditions, poverty alleviation and climate change impacts, to name but a few.

AquaFed currently brings together over 200 water and wastewater service providers from more than 30 countries around the world. It is becoming the natural representative and point of contact between the private water operators’ industry and international organisations.

AquaFed's has three core missions:

  1. To provide a channel between private water and wastewater service providers and key international stakeholders.
  2. To contribute to solving the world’s water problems by working with the international community and sharing the expertise of the private operators.
  3. To promote the option of private sector participation in water and wastewater management as a solution that public authorities can choose.

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