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Water Code of Armenia


On June 4th of 2002 the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia adopted a Water Code of respectively canceling the previous Water Code. The New Water Code consists of 17 chapters, which include 121 articles. It calls for creation of a national water policy and contains significant provisions on planning and management of the water basins.

The preconditions creating the necessity of adopting a new Water Code were the following:

- Development of the market economy and free anterprise and increasing the volume of water consumption for profit, - Necessity of increasing the effectiveness of the water resources managemenet to stop the further drop of ecological indicators of the water resources in RA, not only on the national, but on the regional level as well, - Failure to manage the sphere of the water resources with a common system, the need to adjust the legislation to the requirements of international treaties including international conventions and interstate arrangements, - Necessity to regulate the problems caused by increased public activeness in the process of water resources utilization, etc.

The Water Code of the Republic of Armenia stipulates the basic principles of management, utilization and protection of the water resources and water systems. In particular, it specifies the principles of satisfying the essential needs of the present and future generations, preserving and increasing the volume of the national water reserve, encouraging effective utilization of the water resources for the public benefit, establishing of a coordinated and integrated management system of the surface and groundwater resources, reducing and prevetning the cleaning the polluted waters from pollutants and other principles.


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