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Reforms in Water Sector in Armenia


Restoring reliable potable water supply, a top priority for both the public and GoA, will require reorganization and restructuring of water sector similar to that already achieved in the electricity sector. This would break the vicious cycle of non-payment leading to and reinforcing low quality of service (after reforms in Yerevan payment of population for water services stand for over 85% already). Successfully restoring 25-hour safe drinking water supply will especially benefit the poor, who cannot afford the water storage tanks of the middle class and rich. Restructuring has already begun. Its successful conclusion will not only improve the environmental sustainability of water resources management in Armenia and the quality of life of all Armenians, but it will also ensure the transparent commercial operation of water companies that is required to attract the substantial investments needed for system rehabilitation. This rehabilitation, in its trun, is crucial to support continued economic growth. To provide the foundation for improved water systems it is essental that water management and protection institutions be further strengthened. A combination of technical assistance, training, donor coordination is being deployed, and clear performance benchmarks to increase both public and prive sector capacity - and commitment - to implement potable water supply reforms.


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