Armenia Country Profile for Johannesburg Summit 2002


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Armenia Country Profile for Johannesburg Summit 2002

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National Sustainable Development Report


Government of Armenia

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The 2002 Country Profiles Series provides information on the implementation of Agenda 21 on a country-bycountry and chapter-by-chapter basis (with the exception of. chapters 1 and 23, which are preambles). Since Rio 1992, the Commission on Sustainable Development has specifically addressed other topics not included as separate chapters in Agenda 21. These issues of trade, industry, energy, transport and sustainable tourism are, therefore, treated as distinct sections in the Country Profiles. In instances where several Agenda 21 chapters are closely related, for example, chapters 20 to 22 which cover environmentally sound management of hazardous, solid and radioactive wastes, and chapters 24 to 32 which refer to strengthening of major groups, the information appears under a single heading in the Country Profile Series. Lastly, chapters 16 and 34, which deal with environmentally sound management of biotechnology, and transfer of environmentally sound technology, cooperation, capacitybuilding respectively, are presented together under one heading in those Country Profiles where information is relatively scarce.


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