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Water Basins of Azerbaijan:
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Facts & Figures edit
Capital Baku
Neighbouring Countries Turkey, Iran, Georgia, Russia, Armenia
Total Area 86,600 km2
  - Water 500 km2 (0.58%) / 58 m2/ha
  - Land 86,100 km2
Coastline 0 km
Population 8,410,801 (97 inhab./km2)
HDIA 0.758 (2007)
Gini CoefficientA 36.5 (1995)
Nominal GDPB $53,260 million
GDP (PPP) Per CapitaB $9,500
National UN Presence UNDP, UNHCR, WHO, UNICEF, WB
Land UseC
  - Cultivated Land 20,001 km2 (23.23%)
     - Arable 17,754 km2 (20.62%)
     - Permanent Crops 2,247 km2 (2.61%)
     - Irrigated 14,550 km2
  - Non cultivated 261 km2 (76.77%)
Average Annual RainfallD 447 mm
Renewable Water ResourcesE 30.3 km3
Water WithdrawalsF 17.25 km3/yr
  - For Agricultural Use 68%
  - For Domestic Use 5%
  - For Industrial Use 28%
  - Per Capita 2,118 m3
Population with safe access to
  - Improved Water Source 77%
     - Urban population 95%
     - Rural population 59%
  - Improved Sanitation 54%
     - Urban population 73%
     - Rural population 36%
References & Remarks
A UNDP Human Development Report
B CIA World Factbook and Wikipedia
C CIA World Factbook Country Profiles
D Aquastat - FAO's Information System on Water and Agriculture
E CIA World Factbook
F Earthtrends

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17 Oct 2008 Azerbaijan releases latest results of water pollution monitoring in Kur and Araz Rivers FIND OUT MORE

Country Profile: Climate, Geography, Socio-Economic Context

Country Profile: Water Bodies and Resources

Azerbaijan is poor in terms of available water resources. A large part of the country, notably the Kura-Araz lowlands and the Absheron peninsula, has a significant water deficit due to low precipitation and high evaporation. This part, which houses more than 70% of the population, is completely dependent on irrigation for its agricultural production.

The Kura is the main river in the region. Its source is in Turkey, and the river and its tributaries flow through Georgia, Armenia, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Azerbaijan before discharging into the Caspian Sea. The Kura river basin covers 80% of the territory of Azerbaijan. The general absence of waste-water treatment in the river basin with a population of 11 million and economic activities results in very low water quality in the region and especially in Azerbaijan. This is a major problem, with Azerbaijan being dependant on the Kura river for more than 70% of its drinking water supply.

The coastal areas to the north and south of the Kura basin are drained by smaller rivers to the Caspian Sea. One of these is the Samur river, on the border with Dagestan (Russian Federation), which plays an important role for water supply to Baku and for irrigation of Absheron. Groundwater provides only about 5% of the total water abstraction. It plays an important role, however, for irrigation and water supply to provincial towns and rural areas, especially in the foothills of the mountain ranges.

Country Profile: Legal and Institutional Environment

Country Profile: Water Sector Coordination

See Sector coordination sub-page for detailed description

Country Profile: Trends in Water Use, Management and Sanitation

(Source: Draft UN-CCA 2009)

Water supply and quality is a serious problem for agricultural and private use. It is reported that half of the enterprises surveyed are discharging pollutants into ponds at rates above the legal limit. The Kura River which is a main source of water for three quarters of the population is polluted and a regional solution is needed since it involves Armenia and Georgia. The availability of quality water has implications throughout civil society[1].

Half of households have their drinking water piped directly into the house, yard or plot. Urban households (78 percent) are much more likely than rural households (19 percent) to have piped water. In rural areas, 30 percent of households have a tube well or protected well and 15 percent obtain water from a protected stream. Almost all urban households (91 percent and half of rural households (55 percent) have drinking water available on premises. 17% percent of rural households spent 30 minutes or longer to fetch water in households with no water[2].

Seventy eight percent of households use improved sanitation facilities which are not shared with another household. Two in five households use a flush toilet connected to a pipe sewer system and a similar proportion use improved pit latrine with slab. Flush toilets are mainly used in urban areas (78 percent) and improved latrines in rural areas (68 percent)[3].

Recent measures have been taken to include constructing the Oghuz-Gabala-Baku water pipeline for Baku consumers. Water purifiers have been installed in 50 underserved villages and water and sanitation pipelines are being constructed or extended in various regions.

Country Profile: Challenges and Opportunities


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