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Bankable projects / Bankability of activities and projects

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Set of criteria and/or characteristics of projects and activities, which (in anticipation) create enough revenue to pay off loans and/or produce enough financial benefits to be attractive for private investors, particularly IFIs (private or development banks).

Developments in Region

  • EUWI-Financing Group is planning to develop an on-line financing guide (source: Vanessa Celosse)
  • EBRD/PPC - Project Preparation Committee and the EUWI Financing Group are developing various guidelines and researching possibilities towards investment into utilities/municipalities/projects in the region (including regular "Project Financing Workshops", where a new financing toolkit is introduced/discussed with stakeholders) Go to: for Good Practice Documentations and others... (Source: Yerevan Meetings, Nov 05; [Juerg Staudenmann])


Strategic Approach of KfW Development Bank in WSS Sector

EuropeAid Water Investment Support Facility (WISF) - George McDonnell (presented at Yerevan EUWI-EECCA meeting, Nov 05)

Case Studies of Bankable Water and Sewerage Utilities

Existing and potential partners in the Europe & CIS Region

SNS Bank


World Bank

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PPC - Project Preparation Committee: Lots of useful material, a Project Database, etc.


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