Bugoma Community Ecological Sanitation Project

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Bugoma Community Ecological Sanitation Project


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Total: $10,000;

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Bugoma community ecological sanitation (BUCESAN) is a sustainable and participatory project being instituted in the parishes of Bbeta and Kagulube, Mugoye Sub County. The project is aimed at protecting international waters of Lake Vicator and effective management of local water resources, which are massively pullulated by Feacal matter due to the low latrine coverage in the parishes. The overall objective (goal) of the project (BUCESAN) is to improve the quality of livelihoods for men and women of Bbeta and Kagulube parishes through improved Household sanitation.

Notable Community Participation
The community together with SHED shall contribute to the implementation of the project the tune of US$ 946. This contribution shall include unskilled labour, land for constructing the Ecosan demonstration latrine and site clearance among others.
Capacity - Building Component
One person per parish (parish Manson) shall be selected by the community to have hands on training in ecological latrine construction. This will enable the community to easily acquire the Ecosan latrines.

A Project Management Committee of 7 members shall be elected and trained to oversee the operation and maintenance of the Ecosan Demonstration facilities.

Emphasis on Sustainable Livelihoods
The project shall essentially boost a deliberate effort to stimulate household economic development through agriculture within the parishes as wastes from the Ecosan (urine + Fecal matter) are used as manure hence, contributing towards food security.

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