Bukhara & Samarquand Water Supply Project

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Project ID

WB: UZPE49621

Project Title

Bukhara & Samarquand Water Supply Project


Lending (World bank) and Grant (seco)

Focus Areas

Geographic Scope

Lead Organization(s)

Project Partners

Uzbek Agency Uzcommunkhizmat

Implementing Agency: BUKHARA AND SAMARKAND WATERUTILITY (VODOKANALS-BVK AND SVK)Project Coordination Unit45a, Uzbekistanskaya Av., Tashkent,Uzbekistan 700003


$9 million grant (seco) + $55 million loan (World bank


2002 - 2009 (7 years starting 19th March 2002)


Under implementation

Project website(s)


Christophe Bösch | Hanspeter Maag

World bank Task Manager: Ede Jorge Ijjasz-Vasquez, The World Bank, 1818 H Street, NW, Washington D.C. 20433



The Development Objective of the project is to improve the safety, quality, reliability, efficiency, financial viability and sustainability of the water supply services in Bukhara and Samarkand. The Development Objective will be achieved through:

  1. Strategic rehabilitation and efficiency improvement of existing facilities in critical condition;
  2. Institutional strengthening of the Bukhara and Samarkand Water Utilities (Bukhara City Vodokanal - BVK and Samarkand City Vodokanal - SVK) through a performance-based management contract (SC) with an internationally experienced water utility operator (the Operator); and
  3. Strengthening of BVK's and SVK's financial capacity through improved financial management and commercial practices.

The project is Implemented jointly by seco and the World Bank. Contributions to the project consist of the World Bank loan and Swiss non refundable contribution. Swiss contribution has been utilized for procurements of pumps as well as for financial and technical audit of the project.

Expected Outcomes

Project Component 1

Investment Fund. This component would finance essential short-term expenditures (such as materials, equipment, vehicles) and a least-cost capital investment program aimed at improving the operations of the water supply system and the services to the population by achieving the performance improvement targets in the service contract.

The Operator, together with BVK and SVK staff, will propose the investments that are required to optimally re-structure and rehabilitate key components of the systems (such as sections of the water distribution networks and block distribution systems, specific components of the treatment plants, pumping stations), implement a demand management program, and set up financial management, accounting and commercial systems.

Project Component 2

Service Contract. This component would finance the costs related to the service contract. These costs include a base fee and a performance-based fee to be paid to the private Operator based on achievement of targets defined in the contract. The Operator would be given full responsibility for managing the investment program, operating the water supply system, and developing and implementing the demand management program and the commercial (billing and collection) and financial management departments.

Project Component 3

Consulting Services and Project Coordination Unit. This component would support the Project Coordination Unit (PCU); independent technical and financial auditors that would monitor the Operator's performance; independent financial auditors to prepare the financial project audits; and other consulting services.

Project Component 4

Refinancing of Project Preparation Facility (PPF). This component would refund the PPF advance used for PCU establishment and operational expenses, necessary equipment and software for the implementation of the financial management system, procurement assistance, training and operational travel of PCU staff.

Achievements: Results and Impact

Lessons for Replication

Focus Aera(s)

Urban Water Supply, Water supply and Sanitation


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