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Water Sector Review | CAREWIB | ADB - Donor Project Matrix on Central Asia | Report:Water, Climate, and Development Issues in the Amudarya Basin | Report: Irrigation in Central Asia: Social, Economic and Environmental Considerations

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Central Asia Regional Water Information Base (CAREWIB)


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Scientific-Information Centre of the Interstate Coordination Water Commission (SIC/ICWC)


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The CAREWIB project is being implemented at the request of UNECE - Special Programme for the Economies of Central Asia and previous activities and partnerships of SDC in the water sector in Central Asia. It supports and feeds into the main themes (exchange/dissemination of data and information, foster cooperation) of the Regional Mid-Term Programme for Central Asia and the Swiss Water Strategy for Central Asia 2002-2006.

The project aims to improve the sharing and circulation of information in the water and environmental sectors in Central Asian countries in order to create transparency and increase public awareness about the need for the sustainability and rational use of a key natural resource. In particular, a regional Internet portal has been created to provide immediate access to up-to-date information on the water situation and issues in Central Asia.



By 2006 the project expects to achieve the following results:

  • A regional water information portal will have been created based on the existing ICWC website that would provide user friendly on-line information and links maintained elsewhere
  • A database on existing and forthcoming policies, strategies, programmes and projects of national governments, non-governmental and regional organisations, donor organisations and agencies acting in the water related field (hydropower, environment) will have been developed that would enhance the cooperation between stakeholders
  • A series of hard copy publications based on information available through the portal and targeting specific user groups (policy and decision makers, the general public and young people) will have been prepared and distributed in the Central Asian countries
  • The capacity of the Central Asian countries to provide timely water related information to ICWC for decision making and further dissemination will be increased by setting up a permanent network of regional correspondents
  • Twelve oblast-level water organisations will be able to process, report and communicate information in a digital form through providing technology for electronic communication and data processing in five Central Asian states
  • A user feedback system will have been set up as part of the regional water portal. Results from the feedback system are used to improve the quality of the services

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