Cambodia Country Paper - Asian Water Development Outlook


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Cambodia Country Paper - Asian Water Development Outlook 2007

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Steady progress has been made to establish a legal and policy framework for the Cambodian water sector. The Government’s Rectangular Strategy and National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP) identified the water sector, through improved access to safe drinking water and sanitation, as a key contributor to poverty reduction. Despite this, Cambodia continues to operate far below its economic and social potential.

The water sector suffers from fragmentation, with some eight ministries having responsibility for water sector issues, in addition to provincial governments and municipalities. Though well supplied with water resources and more than 1,000 irrigation schemes, only about 55% are operational.

This report from the Asian Water and Development Outlook (AWDO) aims to help leaders and policy makers understand the current situation. Details of the present sector performance are revealed, highlighting the key issues the country faces. As inspiration, successful learning experiences from other countries are presented to inform future actions.


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