Capacity for Water Cooperation Project


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Capacity for Water Cooperation Project

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Transboundary Waters, monitoring and assessment and legal, political and institutional aspects

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Ongoing, end date 2012

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The CWC project is intended to strengthen the capacity of transboundary water management in EECCA. The objective is to create a framework for cross-fertilization and exchange of experience between river basins and countries on regulatory, institutional, methodological and other aspects of integrated management of transboundary waters, and, at the same time, bring in valuable experience from other parts of the UNECE region. CWC also aims to establish a network of EECCA experts involved in transboundary water management who are used to cooperating and sharing knowledge.

One workshop is organized per year (those already carried out have focused on legal aspects, information management and public participation, monitoring and assessment, river basin commissions and other institutions, water and health). Publications are also issued based on results of some of the workshops, e.g. Legal Basis for Cooperation in the Protection and Use of Transboundary Waters, CWC Series No. 1.

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 UNECE-CWC 3rd workshop Tbilisi 31Oct-02Nov05 Joint Monitoring.doc

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