Catalyzing Change: A Handbook for Developing Integrated Water Resource Management Strategies (IWRM) and Water Efficiency Strategies


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Catalyzing Change - A handbook for developing integrated water resources management and water efficiency strategies

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GWP Report


Global Water Partnership (GWP) Technical Committee with support from Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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In an effort to encourage a move towards more sustainable approaches to water development and management, the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in 2002 called for all countries to craft IWRM and water efficiency strategies by the end of 2005. Such strategies are intended to support countries in their efforts to:

• Meet development goals, such as reducing poverty, increasing food security, fostering economic growth, protecting ecosystems.

• Tackle specific water challenges, such as controlling flooding, mitigating the effects of drought, expanding access to water and sanitation, and addressing increasing competition for water and water scarcity.

This document does not provide strict guidelines for crafting a strategy, rather, it seeks to provide countries with the knowledge they need to act on the WSSD action target in the way that is most useful for them.



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