Climate Change and Conflict


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Climate Change and Conflict Can climate change impacts increase conflict potentials? What is the relevance of this issue for the international process on climate change?

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Study commissioned by the German Ministry for Environment, Nature Protection and Nuclear Safety


Sebastian Oberthür, Dennis Tänzler, Alexander Carius, and Hans-Günther Brauch

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November 2002


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The study commissioned by the German Ministry for the Environment, contains on the one hand the results of a comprehensive examination of potential security-related implications of Climate change for different regions, and on the other hand an assessment of conflict prevention possibilities entailed in international climate change processes.

This brochure aims to shed more light on the empirical evidence and perspectives of "Climate Change and Conflicts" and thus contribute to the international and national debate on climate protection. Crisis prevention and crisis management are given top priority on the international political agenda and provide additional supportive arguments in favour of a precautionary and ambitious climate protection policy.

Part I of this brochure summarises the results of a “Special Event” on "Climate Change and Conflicts" which took place on 10 June 2002 in the framework of the UN climate protection process. It was organised by the Federal Environment Ministry in cooperation with Finland, United Kingdom and Mexico.

Part II is a study by Hans Günter Brauch (AFES-PRESS) on current knowledge regarding the connections between climate change, environmental stress and conflicts, taking a detailed look at the situation in the small island states, Mexico, Bangladesh, Egypt and the Mediterranean region.

Finally, in Part III, Sebastian Oberthür (Ecologic), Dennis Tänzler and Alexander Carius (Adelphi Research) investigate whether there are any starting points for linking the topic of "climate change and conflicts" with the Framework Conventionon Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol.


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