Climate change and water resources in the Mediterranean


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Climate change and water resources in the Mediterranean

Water: a vital resource threatened by climate change, a needed adaptation of its management

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Report (IUCN- The World Conservation Unit)


The Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation

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December 2003


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Climate change is here and will be with us for a long time to come. It will have a significant impact on water resources and their management. Along the last decade, the direct impacts of climate change registered in the Mediterranean consist in lower levels of precipitations, a modification of the intensity and distribution of the precipitations, an increase of floods and a raise of temperatures. One emerging response can be defined: Water professionals and societies will need to adapt to climate change.

In a short and long term view, climate change will amplify its substantial destabilizing effect on the hydrological cycle and will have a pervasive influence on the future demand, supply and quality of fresh water resources in the region. It will add pressure on water and environment resources and coastal systems currently under stress. In the Mediterranean, water resources represent the most precious goods especially for the southern countries; the combination of the aridity of the region with climate change impacts will particularly threat ecosystems processes ...


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