Conservation and Development of Ecosystems of Jan River, Thailand


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Conservation and Development of Ecosystems of Jan River, Thailand


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Total: $31,479,54;

Sources of Financing: GEF SGP


2006 - 2008


Satisfactorily completed

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3,876 people from 454 families, the majority of whom depend upon small-scale agriculture alongside the Jan River – an integrated ecosystem of the Mekhong River Basin. The project aims to tackle threats to basin biodiversity posed by deforestation and chemical-intensive agriculture. Project activities include:

  1. Conducting water quality monitoring activities, and compiling resources inventories
  2. Launching re-vegetation activities with native and medicinal plant species
  3. Promoting chemical-free, highland agriculture
  4. Demonstrating production of biogas from kitchen waste

Expected project outcomes
  1. Local knowledge curriculum re: biodiversity conservation compiled
  2. Project members display increased conservation ethic, and capacity to act on it
  3. Agriculture production systems undergo positive adaptation
  4. Savings group created

Expected Outcomes

Achievements: Results and Impact

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