Constrtuction of waste water treatment pond in Tyre Natural Reserve


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Constrtuction of waste water treatment pond in Tyre Natural Reserve


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Grantee: Tyre Coast Natural Reserve - TCNR (Non-government Organization)


Total: $50,000;

Sources of Financing: GEF SGP


1/2010 -


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Construction of waste water treatment pond in Tyr Natural Reserve. The Project aims to get rid of the waste water and transferring it into a clean material in a biological way and using electromechanically tools. Its relation to the small grants program is the continuity of the environmental work and protection of the international waters and fishery, which goes under “The effect on International waters” and specifically under the title 1.4 “ improving the management of liquid and solid waste by the local community and municipalities in the area affecting the international waters”.

And this project is considered a model project since there has been no similar projects in the area. It is also considered complete in terms of the continuity needed to protect the beach and the international waters. The expected results of this project are:

a- Termination of environmental pollution resulting from waste water.

b- Protecting the continuity of biodiversity on Tyre coast, mainly represented by the hatching of sea turtles.

c- Protecting the international waters through prohibition of organic pollutants from going into the water.

d- Considering this project a model to be a motive for other municipalities to achieve similar projects.

Around 50 shops (kiosks) benefit from this project and there visitors might reach 3000 people per day in the high season. The traditional way used now is collecting the waste water and throwing it in the sea. Consequently this project will protect the sea from direct pollution (waste water thrown there directly) and indirect pollution (through the sneaking of this water to the sea) and decreasing the passing of the trucks on the beach which affects the biological structure and the sand dunes on the beach.

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