Country Evaluation: Assessment of Development Results Turkey


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Country Evaluation: Assessment of Development Results Turkey

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Country Evaluation


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The Assessment of Development Results (ADR) report for Turkey presents findings by the UNDP’s Evaluation Office through the work of its ADR Evaluation Team in January 2004. It represents an important, integral part of the UNDP’s Results Based Management (RBM) system, which focuses on the UNDP’s contribution to broader development results and outcomes. The ADR is an independent, forward-looking assessment of UNDP support in the last five to seven years, and is designed to inform future programme directions. The focus is on assessing the UNDP’s contribution to the development priorities of Turkey based on outcomes in core thematic areas of support, the lessons learned, and identification of possible areas of future support.

This ADR concludes that, like Turkey itself, the UNDP programme is at an important crossroads. In that context, it states that the UNDP has an important role to play in the present and future Turkey, and highlights a number of results produced in the key thematic areas of governance, poverty, gender, environment and crisis response.



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