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The United Kingdom is one of the top contributors to the United Nations, in 2008 contributing a total 1,142million USD, 0.04% of its GNI.[1]



The Department for International Development (DFID) is the part of the UK government that manages Britain's aid to poor countries and works to get rid of extreme poverty. DFID works with governments of developing countries as well as charities, businesses and international bodies, including the World Bank, UN agencies and the European Commission. All our partners share our ambition to achieve the MDGs. In 2007, DFID provided UN agencies with over $1 billion. DFID also works with the UN in conjunction with other UK government departments. For example, working with the Department of Health at the WHO, or liaising with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on environmental issues.

DFId's annual publication 'Statistics on International Development (SID)' provides information on the UK’s Gross Public Expenditure on Development (GPEX) which includes both the DFID aid programme and official aid that is provided through other UK government departments. The final figures for UK Official Development Assistance (ODA) are also reported in SID.

DFID’s UKaid logo has been introduced to help make it easier for people to see where Britain’s aid budget is being spent and how it is being used to tackle global poverty.

For more information see the DFID website


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