Declaration on the Enhancement of Cooperation by Danube and Black Sea Countries


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Declaration on the Enhancement of Cooperation by Danube and Black Sea Countries

The European Commission and Environment Ministers from all 16 countries sharing the Danube River Basin and Black Sea region have adopted a new Declaration on the Enhancement of Cooperation in February 2007.

The 16 countries are Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine. Each country is a party to one or both of the protection conventions already in existence, the Danube River Protection Convention and Black Sea Protection Convention.



The Declaration recognizes the important values of the Danube/Black Sea region, the historical damage that it has undergone and recent signs of environmental recovery as a result of cooperative actions. At the same time, more cooperation and efforts are required from all 16 countries and the EU to improve the environment.

The Declaration also confirmed a strong commitment among all signatories to implement the ICPDR’s Action Programme for Sustainable Flood Protection in the Danube River Basin, given the risks stemming from floods and accidental pollution, which often leads to massive damage and loss.

One key challenge is for the Danube countries to meet the requirements of the legally binding EU Water Framework Directive by 2015.

One highlight of the declaration is the need to develop measures to reduce nutrient pollution of the Black Sea.


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