Demonstrating improved governance through sustainable development in the Upper Syr Darya River Basin


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Demonstrating improved governance through sustainable development in the Upper Syr Darya River Basin


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Upper Syr Darya River Basin

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Global Environmental Facility, UNDP/UNEP/OSCE/NATO Environment and Security Programme for Ferghana Valley





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This governance project provides crucial support to the larger UNDP/GEF project Improved land and water resource management in the Upper Syr Darya basin in the context of Sustainable Development which develops community level, national and regional mechanisms for integrated land water management. The Upper Syr Darya basin is threatened by a lack of regionally, nationally and locally coordinated management strategy that integrates land and water use in a sustainable manner. The UNDP /GEF project will address transboundary integrated land and water management through establishing Eco-system quality objectives, which will be scaleable for the whole region to down to small communities. Once these objectives are established, community level, sustainable development demonstration projects that emphasize transboundary cooperation in resource utilization and economic development will be implemented to test their practicality.

The governance project will provide support to the demonstration projects through establishment and maintenance of community Advisory Councils and transboundary Joint Councils. Studies of the social, economic and environmental challenges specific to these communities will be undertaken to provide the groundwork for development of community governance strategies and action plans. The governance project will also provide monitoring and evaluation support of the demonstration projects. Interim and final reports will be prepared on the lessons learnt for the potential replication of projects focusing on enhancing economic development and protection of the environment.

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