Des moulins pas comme les autres


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Des moulins pas comme les autres (in French)

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UNDP Report


Author - Souleymane Ouattara
Coordination -
PREP-PNUD, Odile Balizet, Jean Mege
CAC Tin Tua, Bendi Benoît Ouoba, Honoré Bonkoungou
UCN Burkina, Yemboado Lompo, Armande Sawadogo
With the contribution of -
Rosalie Ouoba, Moussa Dahani, Odette Nassouri, Christophe N. Ouédraogo, Valérie Sorgho, Ledon (pictures)

Publication Date

September 2007


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Association Tin Tua
BP 167 Fada N’Gourma, Burkina Faso
Tel. + 226 40 77 01 26 Fax 226 40 77 02 08
Email - Website -

Programme National PTFM/LCP

11 BP 1972 Ouagadougou 11, Burkina Faso
Tel. + 226 50 30 57 35 / 40 Fax 226 50 30 57 48
Email -

Programme Régional Energie-Pauvreté

Programme des Nations Unies pour le Développement
Bureau de Dakar, BP, 154, Dakar, Sénégal
Tel (221) 867 27 90 Fax (221) 867 22 55
Email - Website -

Programme des Nations Unies pour le Développement, Burkina Faso

Rue Maurice Bishop, Immeuble des Nations Unies, 01 BP 575 Ouagadougou 01
Tel (226) 50 30 67 62/63/64 Fax (226) 50 30 31 04 70
Email - Website -



Nowadays in West Africa two third of the population is living in rural areas and the majority doesn't have an energy access.

This document highlights practices that are considered as being innovative in Burkina Faso to allow the rural population to have an energy access, that is to say multifunctional platforms as well as their monitoring. This document ensures the visibility of platforms's programs. And therefore constitutes a defence for the access of energy services in rural areas. It symbolises the capitalization from the experiences of platforms' programs in order to

  • analyze and share their experiences and thus develop their expertise,
  • make the action of the program available and visible and show its efficiency for the promotion of modern energy services in rural areas.


Part one - The values
Part two - The Strategy


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