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Dinaric Arc

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The Dinaric Arc is a region of south-eastern Europe encompassing the whole region facing the eastern, Adriatic Sea, from the city of Trieste (Italy) to Tirana (Albania). It includes portions of Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, and Albania. The region hosts in western Bosnia being the largest karstic field in the world. Towards the southern end of the region, the Prokletije Massif and the “Albanian Alps” are among the wildest mountains in Europe. The Dinaric Arc hosts important freshwater ecosystems and wetlands of international importance, such as the Neretva delta (Bosnia and Herzegovina/Croatia), and Skadar/Shkodra lake (Serbia and Montenegro/Albania). The river Tara, which flows through Montenegro into the Drina, is well known for forming a long and wild canyon which is the second deepest in the world, after that of the Colorado. The eastern Adriatic coast still includes unspoilt tracts, with limited major mass tourism development. Hundreds of islands characterise the eastern Adriatic coast – from Cres to Mljet – giving way to a variety of seascapes and coastal/marine ecosystems. The extremely indented Bay of Kotor is unique in the Mediterranean, while the coast of Albania is amongst the wildest in the whole Mediterranean basin.


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