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The Dinaric Arc Initiative (DAI) is a broad framework of collaboration working to put in place new specific actions aiming at:

  • the preservation of the wealth and integrity of the Dinaric Arc through the establishment of networks of protected areas and support to initiatives for the conservation of its biological diversity and the sustainable management of its resources;
  • the preservation and valorisation of the cultural diversity and the cultural heritage of the Dinaric Arc;
  • the promotion of intercultural dialogue, trans-boundary collaboration and scientific co-operation among the countries of the region;
  • the empowerment of local societies to foster local community development;
  • the integration of environmental policies across all the relevant sectoral initiatives.


Partners in the Dinaric Arc Initiative

  • Council of Europe - Directorate for Culture and Cultural and Natural Heritage (DGIV)

- Euronatur


WWF Mediterranean Programme Office (MEDPO), Rome (IT) Main Office, Via Po 25/c 00198 Rome Italy; Tel: +39 06 844 97227; Fax: +39 06 841 3866

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