Dissolved air flotation

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Process by which solids less dense than water rise to form a scum (WHO 1992).

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In dissolved air flotation (DAF), solids are contacted with fine bubbles of air that attach to the floc, clumps of small particles, causing them to float to the surface of the tank, where they are removed periodically as a layer of sludge. Bubbles are produced by reducing pressure in a water stream saturated with air.DAF is most applicable to waters with heavy algal blooms or those with low turbidity, low alkalinity and high color, which are difficult to treat by sedimentation because the floc produced has a low settling velocity. DAF is also effective in the removal of cell-associated algal toxins (WHO 1992).


WHO (1992) A guide to the development of on-site sanitation

WHO Lexicon page (translations and examples)

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