Double-vault compost latrine


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A latrine which consists of two chambers or vaults used alternately, with one collecting faeces while the other decomposes the wastes (WHO and IRC 2003).

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The double-vault compost latrine consists of two watertight vaults or chambers to collect the faeces. Urine is collected separately, because the contents of the vault should be kept relatively dry. After each use the faeces are covered with organic material to reduce smells and soak up excessive moisture. When the first vault is three-quarters full, it is completely filled with earth and sealed, and the contents allowed to decompose anaerobically. The second vault is then used and when it is three-quarters full, the first vault can be emptied, even by hand, and the contents used as fertilizer (WHO and IRC 2003).


WHO and IRC Water and Sanitation Centre (2003) Linking technology choice with operation and maintenance in the context of community water supply and sanitation: A reference document for planners and project staff

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