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Official WHO Definition

A valve, usually installed in the lowest portion of a piping system or vessel, that controls the flow of liquid from the system or vessel (WHO 2006).A drain cock is a drain tap found in a pipe system, a pump, a water heater, a vessel or cylinder, in a radiator or water jacket and used to drain water, steam and/or air from a sealed water system. It can also be called a drain valve (World Plumbing Council Working Group 2008).

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A drain cock may consist of a simple jumper type valve, a plug valve, diaphragm valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, used in any commissioning, maintenance, cleaning, purging or for draining of a plumbing system. A drain cock is used when access is required on regular basis (World Plumbing Council Working Group 2008).


WHO (2006) Health aspects of plumbing

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