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Drainage models

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A drainage model may concern:

(1) a surface drainage model or rainfall-runoff model; see surface runoff, or References/Links nr. 2

(2) a subsurface (groundwater) drainage model related to:

  • a spacing equation for subsurface pipe drains and open ditches (horizontal drainage) or wells (vertical drainage); see watertable control, or Reference/Links nr. 3 and 4
  • an hydrological subsurface drainage model; see salinity control for an example of an agro-hydro-salinity subsurface drainage model (SaltMod), or References/Links nr. 5
  • groundwater flow in the aquifer; see groundwater, or aquifer types, or References/Links nr. 6


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The following list gives references/links:

  1. Free download of software on drainage models : [1]
  2. Free download of a surface drainage model RainOff using the concept of a non-linear reservoir : [2]
  3. Free download of a model for subsurface drainage by pipes and ditches EnDrain : [3] and a paper with background theory : [4] (PDF)
  4. Free download of a model for subsurface drainage by wells WellDrain : [5] and a paper with background theory : [6] (PDF)
  5. example of a simplified agro-hydro-salinity model SaltMod : [7] and an explanatory paper : [8] (PDF)
  6. example of an agro-hydro-salinity groundwater model SahysMod : [9] and and explanatory paper : [10] (PDF)


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