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A drainage system is a system of drains and apparatus which may be above or below ground. It includes all the drains that carry sewage, industrial waste, rainwater/storm water, or other liquid waste away from a building or process to a given point of discharge (American Society of Sanitary Engineering 2007). It does not include a public sewerage system operated by an authority. All the piping within public or private premises that conveys sewage or other liquid wastes to a point of disposal. It does not include the mains of a public sewer system or a public sewage treatment or disposal plant (WHO 2006).

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A drainage system is a combination of pipes and fittings and may include pumps which are generally external to a building, and usually under ground. These drains are used for the purpose of collecting and transporting water borne waste materials to a place where it can be disposed of safely (World Plumbing Council Working Group 2008).


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