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Official WHO Definition

A hole mechanically bored in the earth to access a supply of water, oil, brine, or gas (WHO and IRC 2003).

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Drilled wells, tubewells or boreholes give access to ground-water aquifers and facilitate abstraction of the water. They differ from dug wells in that the diameter is generally smaller, between 0.10–0.25 m for the casing. This does not allow a person to enter for cleaning or deepening.Boreholes can be constructed by machine or by hand-operated equipment. The three main parts consist of a concrete apron around the borehole at ground level to direct surface water away from the well to a drainage channel, a lining below the ground to prevent it from collapsing, and a slotted pipe below water level, to allow groundwater to enter the well (WHO and IRC 2003)


WHO and IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre (2003) Linking technology choice with operation and maintenance in the context of community water supply and sanitation: A reference document for planners and project staff

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