ECOSAN Project Acomia, Uganda


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ECOSAN Project Acomia, Uganda


Water Supply and Sanitation

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Total: $15,000;

Sources of Financing: (CWI-16)





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The purpose of the project is to train the communities on the use and management of the ecosan toilets in order to improve on environmental health and agricultural productivity by using the ecosan toilet products.The project will address the issue of low and poor sanitation in the households and poor environmental health that has resulted to opportunistic diseases like cholera, diarrhea, typhoid etc that have become killer diseases in the area. It will also improve agric productivity through application of Ecosan products hence increasing agricultural output. The project is directly linked with environment conservation through improvement of soil fertility and improvement of tree cover and checking land degradation.

Notable Community Participation

The project will be implemented through local management committees and in partnership with the district health team and water and sanitation office. A participatory process will be utilized in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the project activities at all levels. Experts from district water and sanitation office will be consulted and engaged from time to time.

Capacity - Building Component

SEC intends to train 50 selected people and more in different aspects related to improved sanitation. This will be done by forming the management committees that will be trained.

Emphasis on Sustainable Livelihoods

In order to ensure project continuity after the end of co-financing initial period, SEC together with the communities will under take the following measures to guarantee the sustainability of the project. • Invest in capacity building of the groups in the communities especially the local leaders, fishing communities, and farmers around the lakeshores on ecosan toilets management and use. • The ecosan management committees within the communities will be formed whose role is to ensure proper use and maintenance of the ecosan toilets. • Money will be generated through charging user fees of the constructed ecosan toilets in the landing sites and through sale of the processed manure to generate revenue for constructing more toilets.

Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment

Educative campaigns will be carried out in this rural area by 50 selected people from amongst the local leaders, farmers and the entire fishing community.

Inovative Financial Mechanisms

Money will be generated through charging user fees of the constructed ecosan toilets in the landing sites and through sale of the processed manure to generate revenue for constructing more toilets.

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