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Name European Water Initiative
Logo Image:EUWILogo.gif
Geographic Scope Global
Subject Focus Expertise Water supply and sanitation, IWRM, Water Governance
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EUWI is an international political initiative, not a financial mechanism. It takes a partnership approach with national governments, donors, the water industry, NGOs and other stakeholders. Through national policy dialogues, it aims to improve coordination & cooperation and deliver more effective development assistance.

In 2002, at the World Summit for Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, the “European Union Water Initiative” EUWI-Water for Life was launched. The goal? “To create the conditions for mobilising all available EU resources (human & financial), and to coordinate them to achieve the water-related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in partner countries.”

The EUWI is based on a participative multi-stakeholder approach. Various strategic partnerships in specific regions draw together government, civil society, private sector and other stakeholders. A number of working groups has been established. Working groups have either a regional focus (e.g. Africa, Mediterranean, EECCA and Latin America) or they concentrate on cross-cutting issues (e.g. Research, Finance). The Coordination Group (CG) ensures coherence of all EUWI activities.

What EUWI Works For

  1. Stronger political commitment: “to reinforce political commitment towards action and innovation oriented partnership”.
  2. Better water governance: “to promote better water governance, capacity building and awareness”.
  3. Better water management: “to improve efficiency and effectiveness of water management through dialogue and coordination”.
  4. More cooperation on river basins: “to strengthen cooperation through promoting river basin approaches in national & transboundary waters”.
  5. More sustainable financing: “to identify additional financial resources and mechanisms to ensure sustainable financing”.

Each EUWI working group plans its own strategy and activities according to the needs in its field – from high-level meetings with political stakeholders to providing capacity-building resources such as training materials.

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