EUWI Country Dialogues - Key Documents (Africa)


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Type of Report

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Country Level Dialogues - Key Documents


EUWI - Africa-EU Strategic Partnership on Water Affairs and Sanitation (Working Group on Water Supply and Sanitation in Africa)

Year Published

August 2005



This brochure compiles the latest documents on the Country Dialogues process prepared by the Working Group on Water Supply and Sanitation in Africa (WG WSS-Af) of the European Water Initiative (EUWI).

This compilation contains:

• The generic Terms of Reference for the Country Dialogues

• The Monitoring Framework for the Country Dialogues process

• The Status of Africa-EUWI Country Dialogue in 11 pilot countries (as of July 2005)

• Frequently Asked Questions

The documents aim to clarify the Country Dialogue process and to provide flexible guidelines for application in the 11 pilot countries, within the work plan for 2005 of the WG WSS on Africa and in alignment with the related country plans for IWRM and Finance. For this reason, the Working Group on Water Supply and Sanitation in Africa is striving for integration of activities with the EUWI Working Groups on IWRM and Finance for specific countries.

 EUWI Country Dialogue Africa english.pdf

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