Economic Governance of Water and Sanitation, Honduras


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Economic Governance of Water and Sanitation, Honduras


Water Supply and Sanitation

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Total: $2,708,716;

Sources of Financing: Government of Spain


2008 - 2011



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The general objective of the programme is to consolidate the process of sector modernization in order to support the achievement of the MDGs and the targets of the Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS), under the leadership of the Government with harmonized cooperation of the United Nations agencies. The programme will support the design, adaptation and implementation of sector policies with a focus on social inclusion, led by the national Government, and the strengthening of mechanisms for investing in infrastructure in smaller towns, and urban-marginal and rural areas. These interventions will have the support of the leading institutions in those sectors, in regions defined specifically as poverty-stricken, with participation from the citizens, taking advantage of current initiatives and successful schemes, with a view to creating synergies, mobilization of additional resources and the incorporation of new parties in developing the sector.

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