Economics in Sustainable Water Management:Training Manual and Facilitators Guide


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Economics in Sustainable Water Management: Training Manual and Facilitators Guide

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Training Manual and Facilitators Guide


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March 2008


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This training manual and facilitator’s guide aims to assist capacity builders to conduct short training courses on economic and financial instruments for integrated water resources management. The target audience for such trainings are water managers who face water allocation decisions and aim for efficient and effective use of the resource. However, the manual and guide is also suitable for use in educational programmes and for awareness-building actions. It is therefore encouraged to adapt it to the regional or country water management context and the targeted public. The structure of the manual and supporting materials on Capaity Development should allow for such adaptations.

The present document is structured in two main sections: the Training Manual and the Facilitators’ Guide. The manual provides the concepts and principles of economic and financial aspects of sustainable water management and, at the same time, the practical application of economic and financial tools and instruments. It strongly makes a case for consideration of these aspects within the context of integrated management of the resource. To this purpose, it is structured in eight chapters that address the following:

  • Introduction to integrated water resources management
  • From water-related issues to economic and financial instruments
  • Introduction to economic instruments
  • Application of water economic instruments
  • Introduction to water finance
  • Application of financial tools
  • Financing water and sanitation through bonds, BOTs and reforms
  • Local financing mechanisms for WASH services delivery

The goals and learning objectives are specified at the beginning of each chapter and reflection statements and questions are provided throughout the document.

The facilitator’s guide for facilitators (Section 2 of this document) provides the capacity builder with some practical guidance for the organisation and conduct of courses on the subject. It has session outlines for each of the chapters as well as tips and suggestions for the organisation of the course and for moderation and innovative learning. The guide includes suggestions for the materials to be used in the sessions, the length and organisation of the sessions, exercises and interactive sessions, and energisers that can be used throughout the course. It also includes reference to useful resources and websites. A sample course programme for a five-day training course is provided to help structuring the course.

Although the manual can be read and used as a stand-alone document, experiences brought in and discussions between participants in a course have proven to be very enriching and instrumental in grasping the subjects being addressed. It is intended that the manual be used to stimulate interactions between participants that will result in better understanding of the use and usefulness of economic and financial instruments for sustainable water management.


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