Ecosystem restoration and reforestation of the watershed and banks of the western shore of Lake Ahémé, Benin


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Ecosystem restoration and reforestation of the watershed and banks of the western shore of Lake Ahémé, Benin


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Total: $22,485;

Sources of Financing: GEF SGP


2008 - 2009


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This project aims at rstoring the ecosystem reforestation catchment and banks of the western shore of Lake Ahéme. Population growth has led to the deforestation of watersheds, soil degradation and abusive cutting of the mangroves; a situation that is largely due to the increase in lumber and firewood. The high population growth has led to the impoverishment of water and therefore, those people living around the water live below the poverty line; deforestation of watersheds that drain runoff of sand and other particles that cause the filling of Lake. In addition, mangrove which is a shelter for aquatic fauna, semi-terrestrial and migratory birds needs to be restored for the maintenance of habitats of these species.

The project takes into account the reduction of erosion by reforestation of watersheds, restoration and protection of the mangroves. This will allow the restoration of fish and wildlife resources and reducing the use of wood.

Notable Community Participation
  • The direct beneficiaries are the farmers settled along the shores of Lake Ahémé in the town of Como
Capacity - Building Component
  • Strengthening the capacity of nursery
  • Assistance for the use of sweat lodges and homes improved economic
Emphasis on Sustainable Livelihoods
  • The project to improve the agricultural production system along the rivers and restoration of vegetation, will lead to practices that promote the restoration of the ecosystem in which the watercourse lies.
Gender Focus
  • The post-fishing activities are mainly made by women
Policy Impact
  • It will impact the river banks' resotration and demonstrate to people that there are net benefits to do so.
Inovative Financial Mechanisms

Establishment of a microcredit system that allows granting credit to farmers who distinguish themselves in the preservation of the shore of Lake Ahémé

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