Establishing levels of water polluting contaminants and their Sources in New Phuleli canal / Akram wah and Sensitization of all Stakeholders, Pakistan


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Establishing levels of water polluting contaminants and their Sources in New Phuleli canal / Akram wah and Sensitization of all Stakeholders, Pakistan


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Total: $41,810,70;

Sources of Financing: GEF SGP


2008 - 2009



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The main activities of the project are:

  1. Review of already conducted studies for selecting appropriate scope of work for the new study.
  2. Conduct new study in order to re-establish contamination levels in Phuleli / Akram wah and the sources contributing along all the flowing stream across the selected area.
  • Lab analysis of water samples periodically at different locations
  • Identify the ratio and sources of contaminated elements which are disposed off from the industries, local drains.
  1. Identify the water - born diseases in order to establish the base line in the area.
  2. Technical consultation with experts to diagnose proper way forward in order to minimize the impact of hazardous parameters of New Phuleli canal / Akram Wah.
  3. Publish research study in English, Sindhi and Urdu for effective canvassing on the issue
  4. Mobilization of relevant stakeholders by creating effective community awareness through personal canvassing and using print and electronic media utilization effective talk shows and publishing relevant material in local languages.
  5. Sharing the findings of baseline and study at provincial level to influence the policy makers and develop the findings of the project on G.I.S.
  6. Establish technical forums and workgroups, consisting of experts, institutions, non government organizations, industries, communities and civil societies to sensitize on the issue.
  7. Regular meetings will be conducted with all stakeholders to find out the alternate to dispose off the polluted water.
  8. Organize district level seminars, workshops to create awareness among the all stakeholders.
  9. To persuade the environmental Protection organizations/departments to take initiative regarding their rules and regulations about disposal off the unhygienic water.
  10. Launch the media campaign against the contaminated water being illegally released to the irrigated canals.
  11. Persuade industrialists to install the water treatment plants in order to minimize ratio of contaminated water.
  12. The District Governments of Hyderabad, Tando Mohammed Khan and Badin districts should take initiative to seek the alternate for the disposal of contaminated water.
  13. Highlight the water polluting issue through documentary on national TV channels.
  14. Sensitize the irrigation department to take action against the dispose off of contaminated water.

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