Europe & CIS Regional Millennium Development Goals Report 2006


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National Millennium Development Goals: A Framework for Action

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Millennium Development Goals Report


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The report is addressed to all the stakeholders in the process of implementing and monitoring the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS, and in particular the Governments (top politicians and decision makers), Civil Society and International Community. Apart from those actors who are already "interested in" and "organized" to do MDGs, the report is directed at the general public and the media in the countries of the region, aiming to focus the regional development debate on specific areas and sub-regional and countries priorities. Given such a broad audience, the regional MDGR strives to address the needs of the policy-makers and MDG process participants in the states of the region as well as those of the general readers involved in MDG agenda from outside the region.


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