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== CoP-Members in UNDP Bratislava ==
== CoP-Members in UNDP Bratislava ==
<b>Bratislava Regional Centre ([[UNDP/BRC]])</b>:
Bratislava Regional Centre ([[UNDP/BRC]])
[[Juerg Staudenmann]] ([]), Water Governance Policy Advisor / Water-CoP Facilitator
[[Juerg Staudenmann]] ([]), Water Governance Policy Advisor / Water-CoP Facilitator

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Hall of Fame (chronologically) edit
Key WaterWiki Supporters:
Anna Maron
(Sep 05 - Aug 07 | contributions)
"The Mother" of WaterWiki; the inspiring mind introducing and driving the Wiki-approach (see also Findings from study on WaterWiki by Anna | her thesis)
Mikel Maron
(Sep 05 - present | contributions
"The Geek", together with Anna giving birth to WaterWiki and nurturing its continuous growth ever since
Juerg Staudenmann
Sep 05 - present | contributions)
"The Architect", conceptual & ideological ("Anarchy as Key to Knowledge Management?") driving force behind this endeavor and responsible for WaterWiki's ever-expanding scope
Andrea Cuzyova
(Sep 05 - Aug 07 | contributions)
One of the first "Wiki-converted" and supporter of the first hour
Roxana Suciu
(Dec 05- Aug 06 | contributions): wrote one of the first genuine practitioner-articles on WaterWiki: the Water management introductory kit for UNDP newcomers
Mish Hamid
(Jan 06 - present | contributions)
Since Jan 06 a regular contributor, but as IW:LEARN web-facilitator even more active involved in "linking it all up"
Marcella Fabianova
(May - Aug 06 | contributions)
Uploaded the first-ever "How-To" about Communication in Water projects
Lara Yacob
(Oct - Dec 06 | contributions)
mainly supported the remarkable Water Knowledge Fair 2006 experience write-ups
Twinkle Chopra
(Apr - May 07 | contributions)
besides quality content contributions conducted analysis on WaterWiki use and needs, i.a. the WaterWiki Client-Survey
Anjesh Tuladhar
(Feb - Mar 07 | contributions)
helped us solve some important technical issues
Chrissie Sieben
(Feb - Jun 07 | contributions): Wrote a couple of high-quality articles
Adriana Miljkovic
(Mar - Sep 08 | contributions)
Many many new contents, especially focusing on Conflict and Water
Frantisek Korbel
(Jul 08 - present | contributions): Installed some nice new extensions, e.g. for YouTube
Katy Norman
(Sep 08 - present) | contributions)
One of the most active members, who created a wealth of new content and tirelessly supported th etransition to the new, upgraded, expanded and refurbished Waterwiki 2.0
Petr Hrncir
(Jan 09 - present) | contributions)
The mastermind behind the new design

But also all the good souls and hands of other users...

This list includes all Members of the UNDP Water-Community of Practice (CoP) in Europe & CIS
See also the automated alphabetical listing (under construction still!

The CoP's group-mail: (Can be used by CoP-Members only)

CoP-Members in UNDP Bratislava

Bratislava Regional Centre (UNDP/BRC)

Juerg Staudenmann (, Water Governance Policy Advisor / Water-CoP Facilitator

Vladimir Mamaev (, Regional Technical Advisor for GEF-IW & LD

Twinkle Chopra (, Consultant for WaterWiki and CoP Facilitation

Inkar Kadyrzhanova (,

Peter Svedberg (,

Dessislava Raykova (, Knowledge Management Officer

Agi Veres (, Deputy Chief PSPD

Anna Kaplina (, Programme Specialist

Nadja Dolata (, Gender Advisor

Karolina Mzyk (, Private Sector Engagement Analyst, UNDP/BRC

Milada Sladkova (, Research Assistant, Energy & Environment Practice UNDP/BRC

Henrieta Martonakova (, Programme Associate, Energy & Environment Practice UNDP/BRC

Barbara Schelkle (, Manager, Knowledge Sharing Systems, OIST

Badriddin Mannapov (badriddin.mannapov), Volunteer (Water Knowledge Fair 2006 and Waterwiki)

Chrissie Sieben (, GEF-IW intern

Viktoria Zimm (, Consultant for Belgrade Ministerial 2007 ("Environment for Europe")

Adriana Miljkovic (, Intern (WaterWiki content with main focus on Conflict and Water)

Florian Schnetzer (, Volunteer (works on Financing Rural WSS in Tajikistan)

Frantisek Korbel (, Volunteer (MediaWiki development & Extensions - see SanboxFrantisek)

Katy Norman (, Volunteer on WaterWiki 2.0

CoP-Members in UNDP Country Offices and National Projects

For Members of regional and global projects see below




Bosnia and Herzegovina




Czech Republic









FYR Macedonia










St Helena






CoP-Members in Regional/Transboundary and Global Projects

For Members of national projects see Country-Listing above

Caspian Sea Environment Programme
Hamid Ghaffarzadeh (, CTA
Melina Seyfollahzadeh, (, Grants and Public Participation Manager
Ardalan Sotoudeh (, Information Technology Assistant
Dnipro PDF-B
Lubomyr Markevych (, CTA
GEF Kura/Aras PDF-B
Tim Turner (, CTA
Mary Matthews (, PP and Stakeholdear Analysis consultant
Malkhaz Adeishvili (, consultant/manager for Fostering Dialogue between Riparian States for Development and Establishment of Initial Legal and Institutional Frameworks for Increased Cooperation and Joint Management of the Kura-Aras River Basin
Black Sea Gef-project
Yegor Volovik (, CTA
Danube Regional Project
Ivan Zavadsky (, CTA
Peter Whalley (, Environmental Specialist
Kari Eik (, Implementation & Communication Expert
Marcella Fabianova (, Information Management
Paul Csagoly (, Communication Expert Danube Regional Project
Crimea Integration and Development Programme
Volodymyr Pigenko (,
Transboundary Waters Management Experience in Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (TWME-ECCA) 
Robert Loftur-Thun (,
Mgadolna Toth Nagy (, Head of Public Participation Programme, REC Szentendre
Lake Peipsi Project (Russia-Estonia)
Natalia Alexeeva (,
Ludmila Khorosheva (
Shared Water basin Management (SWBM) Project, UNDP NY
Paul Taylor (, Director Cap-Net
Kees Leendertse (, HRD Specialist
Dann Sklarew (, Director/Chief Technical Advisor
Mish Hamid (, Program Associate

CoP-Members in UNDP headquarters and global offices

UNDP/BDP (Buerau for Development Policy)

UNDP/RBEC (Regional Bureau for Europe and the CIS)

Other and UNDP-affiliated offices

CoP-Members in other Regions

RBAS CoP-members
Ramla Khalidi (, Deputy Chief Beirut RC
Elie Kodsie (,
George Akl (, National Officer, SURF Beirut
Mohamed Al-Sharif ([, Assistant Resident Representative,UNDP, Bahrain
Iyad Abumoghli (,
Mirey Atallah (, GEF-RTA for IW for Arab Region (Beirut)
RBAP CoP-members
Sergio Feld (, Energy & Water Advisor
Johan Arvling (, Knowledge Service Team
Robert G. Bernardo (, Capacity Development Team
Randall Purcell (, Ex-GEF-IW
Anna Tengberg (, GEF-IW RTA
RBLAC CoP-members
Paula Caballero (, GEF IW-RTA for Latina America and the Caribbean
RBA CoP-members
Akiko Yamamoto (, GEF-IW RTA for South Africa
Abdoulaye Ndiaye (, GEF-IW RTA for Western Africa

Nikolaos Skoulikidis,, Geologist-Biogeochemist, Principal Researcher, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Greece

CoP-members from other UN-agencies and Inter-Governmental Institutions

OECD Development Centre

WaterWiki 2.0 Project Group

as well as:

CoP-members from Governmental Institutions

CoP-members from NGOs / Civil Society Organizations / Private Sector

Consultants, Independant Experts and Academia CoP-members

  • Farkhad Mukhtarov (, Ph.D. Candidate and a Research Assistant at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy at Central European University in Budapest, Hungary

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