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Water storage container made of cement mortar reinforced by layers of steel mesh (WHO et al. 2003).A water tank constructed on a reinforced cement base with sides of wire meshes and cement mortar (Sharma P et al. 1980)

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Ferrocement water tanks are made of steel mesh and wire, covered on the inside and outside with a thin layer of cement-and-sand mortar. The tanks can be used for individual households or for whole communities, and they provide a relatively inexpensive and easy-to-maintain storage method. To avoid bending forces in the material, most ferrocement tanks have curved walls, in the form of a cylinder, a globe or an egg WHO et al. 2003).A ferrocement tank consists of a reinforced cement base with a wire mesh to form the sides and shape of the tank. The wire mesh when in position is then covered with cement mortar plaster to complete the water storage tank. The tanks are usually made on site but small tanks can be made off-site and transported to its point of use (Plumbing Working Group 2008). Ferrocement tank is a viable alternative for a remote site where access is difficult. The tank is a simple form of construction. It is durable provided the materials are of good quality and the mortar is correctly mixed. The larger tanks require welded mesh of approximately 4mm in diameter. The small tanks may only require chicken wire mesh for reinforcement. These tanks are often used for drinking water storage. To protect the water from any contamination and insects the tanks should be fitted with protective covers (Plumbing Working Group 2008).


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