Financing Rural WSS in Tajikistan/baseline szenarios


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Baseline Scenario: zero change and zero increase in tariff rate or collection

Image:Baseline Zero_Tjk_Supply.JPG

Image:Baseline Zero_Tjk_Expenditure.JPG

Image:Baseline Zero_Tjk_Financing Gap WS.JPG

Image:Baseline Zero_Tjk_Financing Gap.JPG

Baseline Scenario: gradual increase to the maximum level of affordability over the 20 year period

Image:Baseline Max_Tjk_Supply.JPG

Image:Baseline Max_Tjk_Supply.JPG

Image:Baseline Max_Tjk_Supply of finance WS.JPG

Image:Baseline Max_Tjk_Supply of finance WW.JPG

Baseline Scenario: increase in tariff contributions shown and tariff collection rates assumed at 60% in rural areas after in five years

Image:Baseline 60 Percent_Tjk_Supply.JPG

Image:Baseline 60 Percen_Tjk_Expenditure.JPG

Image:Baseline 60 Percent_Financing Gap WS.JPG

Image:Baseline 60 Percent_Financing Gap WW.JPG


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