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GLOWA Jordan River


Water Cooperation Initiative

Focus Areas

Geographic Scope

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Source of funding: Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), Germany


First phase: 2001 - 2005

Second phase: 2005 - 2009

Third phase: 2009 - ongoing



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GLOWA Jordan River is an interdisciplinary project addressing the vulnerability of water resources in the Jordan River Basin under global change. An integrated approach provides scientific support for sustainable and cooperative management practices. The project addresses conventional as well as non-conventional methods of water management and their ecological and socio-economic implications. Results from GLOWA Jordan River should be transferable to other arid and Mediterranean regions with transboundary water resources.

Level of involvement: Research institutions, universities

Expected Outcomes

It is expected that the results will:

1) Give guidance as to the potential change and variability in temperatures and precipitation, and to the anticipation of extreme climatic events in the basin over the coming decades, analysing its impacts on the water resources.

2) Indicate how new sources of surface („blue“) water can be utilized to the best advantage in the basin.

3) Suggest how land use planning and crop patterns can be managed so as to make full use of water retained in the soil (“ green water”)

4) Predict actual and potential changes in ecosystem services and biodiversity in the basin.

Achievements: Results and Impact

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